Bloggity blog blog blog

Bloggity blog blog blog - stepping into the wilderness
Bloggity blog blog blog – stepping into the wilderness


Here we are then.

I finally caved and set up a blog.

I resisted for some time because of my belief that if I wanted to become a novelist, I should spend my time writing novels, not faffing around pandering to the whims of internet popularity.

Then again, unlike fake internet points (shoutout to imgur from a longtime lurker), I suppose internet popularity and fame is at least and tangible as the real thing.

Who reads blogs like this, anyway?

Probably procrastinating writers, mostly.

In which case, if you’re an aspiring writer, at least my procrastination is still not as bad as yours – at least I’m writing, you’re just reading. In fact, stop it! Get back to writing! Or if you’re not writing, then… I guess… carry on…


I wish I knew what I was doing here. Perhaps I shouldn’t be writing my first blog post on a Sunday evening after two glasses of Pinot.

So, this blog will be a place for me to post whatever work I’ve given up hope of publishing elsewhere, to express political and socio-economical rants that are too long for Facebook, to share my favourite resources and inspiration for writing, to share what I’ve learned about writing over the years, hopefully to vaguely document my journey from fiercely ambitious unpublished writer to international bestselling author (tcha! as if I’ll remember you guys after I taste fame and fortune), and whatever else I feel is appropriate (which could be quite a broad spectrum after the fourth glass of Pinot).

Ciao bellas,

Katja L Kaine

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