A Brief History of the Earth

In the beginning there was no beginning
No philosophers to profess outsets and endings
No scientists to allege a linear trajectory of time
The heat was torrid
The force


No me
No you

Thrumming with distinctive existence
Too incrementally to notice, the inferno began to abate
After a period of unfathomable depths
Cracks materialized
Through the solid oneness a fog formed
Particles tore apart…
Pleated, fissured, merged
Coolness manifested
There was a shiver

There was light

And what light…
Stars! Quasars! Galaxies! Clusters! A cosmic evolution!
Dazzling hues, ravishing aspects, hoops, sickles, sprays-
Speckles and GIANTS
The matter began its dance
Rotating, rolling, ducking, strolling
Drawn together
Eased apart
In one universe
+++In one galaxy
++++++In one solar system
+++++++++Existed one
++++++++++++ trivial
+++++++++++++++ planet
The planet’s complexion erupted in volcanic outbursts
Carousing with neighbours…
… a corporeal cleft
The fragment didn’t flee far
Remained, drawn to its larger source
Drifting in endless reverent circles of reflection
The planet matured
Ripened a thicker skin
Clear liquid gathered
Offering balmy, calming baths for chemicals to recline, fizz
To conceive of organic compounds
The organisms sighed and replicated
They hiccoughed and metabolised
Inhaling the sun’s rays and transforming them into pure sweetness
Pure poison
Hungry chloros pumped regardless
Filling the atmosphere with the new toxin
Now a new order of nature
The coolness failed to stabilize
Cold as ice
The planet gritted under a blanket of icy snow, shouldering back the sun’s affectionate rays
Slowly, slowly, the sun insinuated its will until the planet once again began to breathe
Archaeans, bacteria, eukaryotes
Families born from conflict and collision
Cold, hot, cold, hot – ediacara biota
Knotty crowded corpuscles, the contiguous borders of life
Now, such vitality. Tubes turn to fronds turn to shells, vertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, bird, mammals
Blow holes, flippers, claws, jaws, tails and hooves
One ape in one place stood up
Cells in its skull swelled
It learned fire and decided that fire meant higher and higher meant better
Concrete sounds to prove their priority
Stories to explain the mystifying
Marks on pages to count their worth
They began the work of naming it all
And once they had named it, there was a natural progression
Mine! They said
The force failed to notice their claim
They inhaled the chloros and transformed its fruit into pure creativity
Pure poison
Hungry lifeforms pumped regardless
Filling the atmosphere with the new toxin
Now a new order of nature
Cold, hot, cold, hot
The borders of life are demolished under climactic pressure
All is quiet
In the end there was no end

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