Katja L Kaine lives in a decrepit mansion in West Yorkshire with her partner, two small fluffballs of judgement and yowling, one larger fluffball of mournful looks and barking, two microhumans, a chess genius and a guitar hero.

She is the creator of the Novel Factory – writing software that brings order to the chaos of creativity.

She’s obsessed with stories and has so far written about half a dozen novels – the latest of which is DEFINITELY going to get published. I can hear the agents coming to bear down the door already.

She is the founder of Leeds Writers and Poets, a writing critique group where the feedback varies from harsh to brutal.

She would definitely never repetitively start paragraphs with the same pronoun, so it’s lucky she’s not writing about herself in third person.

Her hobbies include walking the barkmachine, doing yoga at ungodly hours, failing to learn German, playing piano and meditating.

Writing is not a hobby. It is a compulsion.

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